Lathom Parish Council - Welcome to Historic Lathom

All Parish Council meetings are open to members of the public, except where the press and public are excluded by resolution when the Council has confidential business to discuss. Members of the public can attend any meeting and speak about their concerns, time is assigned for this at every meeting.


The standard Full Council Agenda items are as follows:


 -Apologies for absence


 -Declarations of personal or prejudicial interest


 -Approval of the minutes of all the previous month’s meetings including matters arising


 -Matters raised by members


 -Matters arising from new correspondence requiring a decision or for information only, usually circulated in advance to members.


 -Approval of recommendations from the Policy & Resources Committee


 -Approval of payments


Parish Council Agendas are set by the Parish Clerk in liaison with the Chair of Council. However any Councillor can request an item to be put on the Agenda. This can be done informally either through the Clerk or Chair, or formally, by means of a motion, as per the Parish Council's Standing Orders (the Council's operating rules and regulations).


If, after discussion of an Agenda item, the Council decides that a sub committee should be formed to look at the matter in more detail then the membership and the remit of the group will be agreed by the Council. The membership of the Group can also include people who are not Councillors, but who have knowledge or expertise relevant to the subject matter.


The minutes of Parish Council meetings are not a verbatim account of the meeting but detail decisions reached. Minutes are not normally published until they have been formally approved at the following meeting. Once published, they will be available to the public via this website, and at the Parish Council’s office.

Meetings, their minutes and accounts

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