Lathom Parish Council - Welcome to Historic Lathom

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Lathom Parish Council serving all the residents in the parish of Lathom in West Lancashire.


Hello, and welcome to the website of Lathom Parish Council. Here you will find a guide to the council and its activities, together with information about the local area, its history, its businesses and its services.


Lathom is a historic parish of approximately 890 people located in delightful countryside in Lancashire. The Parish Council has been looking after the interests of its people since 1983.


This website is intended to reinforce a strong community spirit, to promote environmental awareness and to welcome newcomers to the area. It was launched only recently and is still being developed. So if you have any comments or suggestions on ways in which we might improve it, do let us know. You will find contact details of councillors and the Parish Clerk by using the navigation buttons on this page.


We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Lathom

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